music by stillnoah

credits for "get used to that?"

Six important people made it possible to create this song.

  • Josh*: Thanks for beeing my friend! Thanks for investing your time in this little song! Thanks for the harmonies, thanks for the nice time together
  • micheleG: Again - you're a wizard! Without mixing and mastering all th music would not sound like that! Thanks! See his page at http://www.digitalnaturalsound.com
  • Julia! Nice vocs! 
  • susanC: Thanks for reviewing and correcting the lyrics.
  • Edward Snowden: I really would like to get to know you. Would like to have a chat about IT, tech, God and the world.
  • Last but not least: Jesus, you created me and give me all I have. I never can give you anything back. What can I say? I guess I stay quiet and learn how to be humble.