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Music, Hope and Love

This band exists because there is music, hope and love. These three things move us, and we aim to inspire people to develop those qualities.

Our music describes our exciting journey through the reality of existence (marked by highs and lows) and towards joy and optimism as our goal. Our melodies and riffs are meant to crawl into your ears, move your body and become good friends for beautiful or hard days.

We love pouring thoughts and experiences into lyrics and tunes. It's our way of telling stories that shape our lives. And it makes us incredibly satisfied to share these personal feelings and experiences with our audience in a public yet encrypted manner.


Our songs cover a wide range of themes. However, as our name implies, we connect to the ancient story told about a guy whom God told that the world would end. However, large ships could potentially bring the solution to save people and animals. The man's vision wasn't taken seriously by many. Nevertheless, Noah spent many years building a ship that eventually could save him, his family, and even the animal world from destruction.

Most see the story of Noah and the Ark as a legend. We believe it's more than that.

We are crazy.

Even in the present, there are stories of doomsday. No god is needed for these narratives; science tells these stories, and many media outlets bring them to our attention almost every day. Yet, this narrative isn't always taken seriously. However, unlike the story of Noah, there doesn't seem to be a clear solution. Simple things like love and hope seemingly offer no way out for complex issues like the climate crisis and states of war.

And we need to talk about hope.

A few thousand years after Noah, another man spoke about the end of the world. And Jesus, too, was and is not particularly taken seriously. He referenced the story of Noah and the flood, connecting it to events at the end of time. Once again, 'rescue boats' will be necessary, but it will happen quite differently. Amidst the chaos, love and hope will surprisingly prevail. The new beginning after the 'flood' is already being prepared.

We believe he speaks the truth. That's why we still consider the story of Noah relevant. And this hope inspires us and fills us with motivation.

We hope that the events predicted by this Jesus will happen sooner or later. And because there are indications of these things coming true, we want to sing about humanity's craziest narrative: of love, danger, and adventure, of the deceiver, the savior, and the possibility of boarding a rescue boat. There is room for everyone. Everything will be okay.

It's a promise!

Our songs and shows are a way to become familiar with this hope. Our contemporary world has buried this ancient knowledge, and therefore, few people know these stories. Yet, the connection to the present is easy to make because deep in our souls, hope is awakened, and fears are eased when we realize that love will prevail and is already fulfilling its purpose.


You can simply listen to the songs... or deeply ponder and engage in communication. So, everyone can choose. None of this has anything to do with a hysterical desire for sensation or conspiracy theories, but rather with the simple decision to seek humility and hope in the right place and claim it for oneself.

If you're interested in learning more, then engage with us in entertainment and visit us on social media.