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music by stillnoah

  • stillnoah studio sessions

    Released June / July 2024

    We want to show, how we play real music and what we do as live musicians. We got in our self-made-studio and recorded three songs in realtime.

  • state of mind

    Released March 2021

    After a quite long period of silence we bring five new songs that have been on our minds. So many different feelings and thoughts are put in these tracks. Listen and feel!

  • the law of love

    Released July 2016

    Listen to our first "real" album. Nine songs on the most powerful and important topic.

  • get used to that? (single)

    Released July 2013

    One song, between frustration, fear and satire.  Somehow we should not stand by idly.

  • please disturb!

    Released fall 2012.

    Three dark songs about the dark sides of the world. Not amusing, but hearable. I truly think we're not capable to solve the problems that we caused. Nobody talks about that, but I guess everyone can sense it. Maybe that is the reason for not talking about. Sometimes I think that we're too proud to admit. But without admitting.. no help.

    So the title "please disturb!" expresses the thought that somehow sometimes (this time?) we need someone who wakes us up from the sweet sleep of overestimation.

  • ahead

    First EP, released in fall/winter 2010.

    This little "album" contains three the songs finally, decide and eternity. These pieces have been growing since 2006, and they are not perfect, yet certainly never will be. nevertheless: enjoy listening