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music by stillnoah

the law of love

your love is the deepest get into details

love exists only as long as we search the sky. expect everything from the greatest love.

law of love see lyrics & details

becoming a star is simple: 1. decide to love 2. love 3. don't expect someone to love you back

more than gold Read more …

prayer pours into euphony

catch me when I fall view the details

about the nearly impossible art of self-love

we put a lot of "schmaltz" in it...

you stay Read more …

soft drinks can't replace spring water. it can't be replaced by anything.

hole in my heart Read more …

how to mock love: take selfishness, ruthlessness, fear of responsibility and add a good portion of lust. wrap it up in a nice smile.

life has to go on Read more …

featuring sabi

two fish in a glass. one of them on its way to the sea already. a song about the power of fellowship, dreams and ideas, about love and courage to make decisions and to bear consequences. desperate and heroic, so close

color the night Read more …

body and soul dedicated to Juli

..cause marrige is not boring.

the story Read more …

an incredible tale of thousands of years compressed into few minutes. love comes from outside