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music by stillnoah

catch me when I fall

about the nearly impossible art of self-love

we put a lot of "schmaltz" in it...


as if the ground were to thin
to carry my feet
searching for something unknown
to fit my needs
that's how i feel, that's how i feel

as if gasping for fresh air
at 16thousand feet
balancing on a red thread
over burning heat
that's how i feel, that's how i feel

i'm so tired of myself
so I take the book off the shelf

You love me - You hold me
You'll catch me when i fall

as if all inner strengh is gone
blown away like sand
as if a dark, restless night
extends without an end
that's how i am, that's how i feel

it's so boring to be sad
stumbling through the day
thoughts are talking to my head
kill with what they say
every day the same, what a foolish game

i'm so tired to walk alone,
so please don't hang up the phone

You love me - You keep me close
You'll catch me when i fall

your words fizz softly in my mind
protecting, calm, soft and kind
how i feel makes me so blind
for who i am to you
for who you are to me

loneliness is just a shade
there is nothing to be afraid
all promises have been made
you are here
you'll never leave

you love me
you're the one who make me strong
you'll catch me when i fall

thank God, it's more than me
training a monologue
it's you who blows away
the thick and heavy fog
that's what i feel, that's what i need

gently you are training me
to look at your face
to trust your voice
and follow your pace
that's what i want, that's what i want

so many things are in the flow
it may be you who touch my soul!