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music by stillnoah

life has to go on

featuring sabi

two fish in a glass. one of them on its way to the sea already. a song about the power of fellowship, dreams and ideas, about love and courage to make decisions and to bear consequences. desperate and heroic, so close


it‘s not the first time and it won‘t be the last
i feel so exhausted and i‘m so confused
don‘t try to convince me I know more than you think
suffering without complaining

i though it‘s over but it just begun
shut mouth and open hands
you said it‘s easy but this is a lie
i took it all for granted

life has to go on
life gets me down with all i am
life has to go on an on

nobody can stop me from thinking this is what i want
and noone will ever see what i see
i‘m fighting and trying and caring about this
walking is easy if you know where you go