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music by stillnoah

your love is the deepest

love exists only as long as we search the sky. expect everything from the greatest love.

based on live recordings from freundschafftklang2014 - concert party


your love is the deepest
your love sees me through
where ever i go
what ever i do

living might be easy
sometimes it may be hard
but what ever will come down on me i know
you deal my cards
your love touches me
in the face of all uncertainty
one more time i can see

at times when i feel strong
i forget where i come from
so i'm dancing on a narrow brink but you
follow me without to blink
your love reaches me
in the face of all vanity
no matter who i am

sure, i like you to be, as i think how it's good for me
sure, i like you to do what's in my head, that would be nice of you
but you're love and far to close
you know me well, from head to toes
you're more than luky feelings
you're more that a lucky dice
you know me inside out
and you love me more than i can doubt