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music by stillnoah

get used to that? (single)

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get used to that?

Weeks ago the world was hit by bad news revealed by Edward Snowden, a (now) former employee of the spying community. I admire him for risking his well-being, his relationships, his .. everything. He put his life on the line for he couldn't do "business as usual", and "blowed the whistle" to inform the world about real bad things going on
Well, I don't know what 's really happening deep inside his mind, but as others did before he prefered a clear concience over living within compromises.

He did the right job! It's a shame how the U.S. goverment and all European countries reacted!
But the kind of information he revealed made me thinking and reminded me of old pictures seen and transcribed by John in the book of revelation. He was given a vision, and saw clearly that there will be a superpower that tries to control everything and everyone. Shocking how close we got to that situation.

So I called Josh* and asked him if we could do a song together. Well, here it is.


verse 1
welcome to the cloud
tell us what you're thinking about
store your memories, we'll grant you access
don't be shy, don't let us guess
we'll care for you for sure
we'll give you a life that's really secure
we act like patriots do
we're your guardian angel watching over you
just keep quite
just stay low
no one will harm you if you do so
and over the time
-as a matter of fact-
you'll get used to all of that
verse 2
in the name of the country
in the name of the free
we will spin your thoughts to your best interest
we will define democracy
how we do it, when we do it
you don't have to care
it's a secret, it's all classified
you have nothing to hide but so much to share
you have a right to know for whom they stand
they are the monster that looks like a lamb
it makes us think we are in control
while ripping out the human soul
wanna keep quite?
wanna stay low?
they'll harm you even if you do so
and over time
-as a matter of fact-
you gotten used to that
don't keep quite
don't stay low
no one can harm us if we do so
and over the time
-as a matter of fact-
they'll need to get used to that