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at the top the air is thin

this is at least a phrase that I heard often.

Nevertheless everyone wants to move up and is afraid of decline. No wonder, our life is built on the idea to get more, to become better, to run faster, have more money, be happier than .... We watch sports events to cherish the winner and not the looser.

Seems natural, doesn't it? We definitely can relate! To do a cover version of a popular song is said to be one of the most powerful ways to gain more attention, followers on youtube and - finally - popularity. And of course this is also one reason to play a song which is written by an popular artist.

But it's not the only one.

Hoch by Tim Bendzko

Hoch is a pop song in German language from 2019 and, according to wikipedia, was written by Timothy Auld, Tim Bendzko, Toni Mudrack (Teesy), Benedikt Schöller and Julian von Dohnanyi. It was used to promote the World Athletics Championships and The Voice of Germany contest and got quite popular. It quickly moved into the top 10 of German single charts and stayed there quite a time.

inspiration and motivation

We like the song because it's so energizing. The message fits the music and the other way round. We like the simplicity of the chords and the constant rhythm pattern. It's perfect feel-good pop music.

The lyrics speak about moving forward, moving upward, giving the best and not giving up. It's easier to do this with this tune in ones ears.

For me, singing and playing the bass simultaneously, this song is motivation and challenge at the same time. It took quite some time till I figured out how to do it. At the end the song motivated to keep practicing.

decline is also reality

of course - going upwards is not always possible. The air is thin if you go to far. Optimism and self optimization have natural limits. So this song leaves important questions unanswered (well, there's no song that can answer them all and songs are not intended to be lectures), but that is a good thing to think further about what purpose it has to go further, be faster, earning more money, work harder, etc. Is it truly natural? Does the "more" rule apply to all areas of life? What about the natural decline that comes with age? How to think about illness? What about the people who really can't improve anymore?

Watch out for new songs...