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choose between evils? music text video

Currently I'm staying the US. Therefor I have the possibility to witness the race for the White House office from the "inside". That is to some extend inspiring and disgusting at the same time.
  • First, it's fascinating, how much all questions circle around the personalities of the candidates and how shallow the discussion gets when it comes to programs, ideas, plans. What you get is only slogans like "raise taxes" or "lower taxes", "more immigration" or "build a wall", most of the time completely out of context.
  • The second thing I notice: Third parties seem to just not exist in mainstream media. A fact I really don't understand, and which makes me think, the whole election is rigged somehow ;-).
  • Third, I can't understand how some people put all their hope on a single candidate, while projecting all their fears on the opponent. Sometimes comes close to religion.
  • Fourth: This country seems to be divided. Whatever I read or watch is biased to one of the candidates. Maybe I don't understand everything to the full extend, but it seems that there is only "either.. or" and not a single voice for "as well as".

I don't hide that I prefer an open worldview and therefor I'd vote for a third party candidate just to break the muddled two party system. But I know that no single human candidate can change a world. We need a greater power to clean up our mess.

btw: What made me think twice is the both "main" candidates, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, are educated or at least strongly influenced by the Jesuits. Hm. What a choice...?

All this inspired me somehow to get together with Josh and do a special music video on this topic. Well, you decide anyway....