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Dance your life! We're serious!

dance your life - still image from the music video

This can be your summer hit! We're proud to present our new track "Dance The Life" which is our contribution to make this summer a good time, despite of all the things going on. It's always a matter of how to look at things. If a closer look is taken, every life and everone is extraordinary. Nothing can be taken for granted. So let's enjoy what we have. We are created to be extrordinary.

And yes! Please find all those little errors we left for you!


I dance my life
I live the dance
my joy will thrive
I take the chance

can you see the beauty?
can you fell the grace?
open up and join my happy pace

so dance your life
and live the dance
your joy will thrive
let's take the chance

can you feel the fragrance?
the pleasant smell of life?
to dance inside
will make your smile survive

some choose to walk
some only talk
some don't move at all....

Oh let's watch the beauty
and go and do the grace
and make our world a joyful, happy place

we dance the life
we live the the dance
our joy will thrive
let's take the chance