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new stuff, new band, looking forward to the things to come

stillnoah live band

More than two years have gone by since my last post. Wow! I guess you considered this project to be dead. We're happy to say that this is not the case. Not yet! Instead we work on going LIVE!

  • Looking back some weeks (months) I find many reasons to be thankful. Regarding music some new developements made things exciting.
  • New songs "arrived". Since 2017 Martin and me are working on new tracks. And we are very slow with this. Nevertheless things are about to close down and new songs will be available (in summer we guess).
  • In mid 2018 we got to know Alex (and his family) from Brasil. New friendships are always a gift, but he became not only a good friend. He's also playing the guitar very well and has collected experience in performing live music for years. He decided to join our journey to become a live band. We're thankful.
  • Last but not least: Hannah, a good friend of ours, decided to complete our live band by giving it a try to play the drums.

Rehearsals revealed what was obvious: Quality takes time and that I am a bit rusty in my ability to play and sing (at the same time). Nevertheless we all have a lot of fun everytime we come together and - with a slow pace - we're improving step by step. It's very satisfying. And sometimes frustrating. 

You can have first sneak peak of a little concert we played performing four songs. Head over to youtube and watch the playlist of the demo concert. The footage was taken from several smartphones of the friendly audience. So don't expect too much. Thanks to bluekiwi media for editing and making it look nice.

We looking forward to the things that will come. These days this doesn't come easy when reflecting about the condition the world is in. Nevertheless: We'd like you to join in to our journey and join our hope, that love will change us.