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The USA seems on fire. Once again.

What happened to George Floyd explains the rage that's coming to the streets of the big and not-so-big cities of the USA. And this is only one of many similar incident. In general – it seems - black US citizens are treated "less equal" than white people. Just looking at statistics. So protests are not only legitimate but imperative.

The new track by stillnoah features a number of US officials speaking about force and violence.

  • Barack Obama (peace nobelist)
  • George W. Bush
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Wesley Clark (retired General of the United States Army and General of Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000)

Some call the recent protests riots. I guess when it comes to violence it's hard to distinguish. And for sure no terrible wrong can justify more violence - on neither "side". The leaders of this country are not really helpful either. How is it possible to call soldiers to "calm" protesters or forcefully clear a square and also pose with a bible in the hand?

Why is there still _anybody_ out there who thinks that any kind of violence and force could solve problems?
And why does anybody suppose a country so desperate in need of peace and justice could bring those things to other countries?
Why are the USA considered the "world police force" when even the American people themself live under unfair circumstances?
What if the narrative that is so often told is not what is done in reality? What if this is speaking like a "lamb", but acting like the "dragon".
We are in need of a better justice.

Once more those questions inspired us to write a new song. Listen and watch "state of mind", but #ShareTheLawOfLove !

Please note, that the trigger for this song is the way the USA acts as a global player. But we speak up against any attitude like that... from any country, any person, any organisation. It's not about flags. It's about right and wrong. About truth, ultimately.

music and recording by stillnoah
video by bluekiwimedia / too much creativity to give this a single name
mixed and mastered by


I don‘t see no land of free
no horizon just burning land
good and bad dying on hot sand
blue, white, red, drenched in blood
of a foreign color

all brave men
stay at home
turn in the guns
and leave the world alone

words you preach come naturally
you don‘t care for liberty
one great nation under god of war
one great path of fear and fraud
seducing everybody

all brave men
pray at home
turn in the guns
and leave the world alone

do not trust peace nobelists
dropping bombs on maybe terrorists
do not trust the super rich
who should be visiting a therapist

all good men
pray at home
turn in the guns
and leave the world alone

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Daniele Ganser on YoutubeBook