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What a mess!

English is not my first language, so I hardly can express the anger I feel inside. But I think those surveillance programs, which Edward Snowden revealed over the last weeks, are a huge mess! That is too much! It's only small steps to a police state. Well, actually a this is about global surveillance.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about "the Americans" as nation. But I think that the U.S. goverment has gone to far. And most of the European goverments (including mine) are too weak and / or too scared to get up and stand for privacy. Even worse, they benefit from all these systems, and keep quiet and stay low, trying to sit out the whole story.

We (the people) give them (the goverment) our trust (by electing them, etc.). What do they do? They try to control us. What a mess!

I think I can see a "system" behind all of that. Not only since the so called "war on terror" has started society is changing steadily into a "only digital is real" - world. So everything is stored somewhere (on the internet) and therefor is traceable and evaluable. Because I belive in "the evil in man" (actually I can see it everyday) I expect that all the things that can be done (technically) will be done sometime (in real).. if not now than later. And all of this reminds me of Revelation 13, verse 11 and verse 16.

The whole story triggered the need to write a song on this topic. So I asked Josh*, a good friend of mine, to get together and try out some ideas. It turned out this was a good idea. Here's the result.

Just one thing more: Don't stay quiet! They need to get used to the fact that it is us (the people) they are working for. Not the other way round.