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music by stillnoah

credits for "ahead"

many people have helped to get these songs where they are today.

some helped "a lot", some "just" contributed a small piece of information or provided encouragement to carry on. some did that years ago, some did it for years, some worked on the actual songs. i want to give the same attention to everyone: a big "thank you" and an even bigger "god bless" to all.

people who worked on the songs of "ahead"

juliaM marcoT chistianeI beateB florianM kristiS marcelI martinH milcahO ottoL petraB vanessaH siltonY marlisL danielH christineK martinaK elisabethA bernhardR tomB

Mixed and mastered by Michele Gaggia – DNS Studios

people who supported me as a person

davidH mumM dadM tomK nickJ theaH jonathanL rudiT timT marylooT tomB reinhardW herbertU jojoL milanS markusK

i hope, i did'nt forget anybody. if so, please contact me immediateliy! without all of you I definitely would be a poor fellow.