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music by stillnoah

Dance The Life

We open the EP with the song "Dance The Life" originally published in summer 2020.

The Corona pandemic and all the fear (and sometimes even panic) that came with it is lasting since about a year now. But one possible cure for a fearful life is also still the same: To change perspective and be grateful for things that are valuable to you. Exchange 3mins of your time for a smile. Life can be boring and frightening, life can be happy and awesome. It's always a matter of how to look at things.

See the music video here.


I dance my life
I live the dance
my joy will thrive
I take the chance

verse 1
can you see the beauty?
can you fell the grace?
open up and join my happy pace

so dance your life
and live the dance
your joy will thrive
let's take the chance

verse 2
can you feel the fragrance?
the pleasant smell of life?
to dance inside
will make your smile survive

some choose to walk
some only talk
some don't move at all....

Oh let's watch the beauty
and go and do the grace
and make our world a joyful, happy place

chorus (repeat)