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music by stillnoah

State Of Mind

rage is coming to the streets
soldiers to calm protests?
no need for a world's police force
all brave men stay at home

This song was originally released in May 2020. Read the blog post here.


verse 1
I don‘t see no land of free
no horizon just burning land
good and bad dying on hot sand
blue, white, red, drenched in blood
of a foreign color

all brave men
stay at home
turn in the guns
and leave the world alone

verse 2
words you preach come naturally
you don‘t care for liberty
one great nation under god of war
one great path of fear and fraud
seducing everybody


do not trust peace nobelists
dropping bombs on maybe terrorists
do not trust the super rich
who should be visiting a therapist



[I don‘t know why you should die
a speech of braveness becomes a lie
good strong men join in with the seals
leave and cry, run, fight, die]