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music by stillnoah

credits for "please disturb!"

This time there are fewer people to mention. Nevertheless all of them have been very important.

inspiring people

  • micheleG, who've lent to me the movie "lord of war". Without that, no song would have come into existence. I also need to emphase that he's a true artist in mixing and mastering music and did a fantastic job on the songs. A simple "Thank you!" cannot express what I feel. God bless you and your family! See his page at
  • geraldT for pointing me to the fascinating story of the Titanic. Crazy things happen! The lyrics came just "flowing" after I read some of the details. Thank you for providing that trigger! You are a inspiring person to me.
  • sigridL, marcoT: Years ago (20 or more?) we started the basic riffs and the first lines of lyrics of "silence". Back then we never finished the song (it was hardly one). But since then the topic and music kept walking around in my head (and the files gathered dustonmyHD). Hope you like the song that grew over the years.

people who worked on the songs and lyrics of "please disturb!"

  • marylooT: I don't know if you remember how often we rehearsed and revisited the lyrics of "silence" (but I do .. I even still have the working papers from the sessions!). Thanks for your passion and patience! It was a good time back then. And now, years later, I consider the song as "finished".
  • juliaM: It's so good to have a "piano woman" so close to me. I hope we do it again.
  • florianM grooving on "(little) lord of war".
  • kristiS and susanC: Thanks some much for reviewing and correcting the lyrics.
  • hanspeterR: Thanks for your frindship (that matters most!) and the guitar parts, especially for the beautiful "wah" on "titanic". Just perfect!

people who support me as a person

Well, this time there is no list. You for sure can add the list of people from the last time but I'm just not able anymore to count and name all of the persons who brightend up my life since the release of "ahead" about two years ago.

in the past I often thought it was funny if somebody

gave credits to Jesus or God. Well, funny it is, I'd like to do the same now. I just need to state that I'm so thankful for all the possibilities I have. And I don't consider that for natural but feel very "blessed" by Jesus, my best friend. I just know how much He cares about me. Thank you, Jesus!

If you don't know this man you really miss the most fascinating person I ever met.